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Akuvox Furthers Commitment to Partners at Its Global Partner Summit 2019

Nov 06.2019

Akuvox recently successfully concluded its first partner summit, bringing together an amazing group of partners from EMEA, Americas and the Asia-Pacific. Partners joined Akuvox executives for a day packed full of content intended to power their future business success. 

The summit greatly boosted the confidence of Akuvox’s partners in smart intercom business. During his business updates, Akuvox Sales Director, Yang Bo, showcased a myriad of winning smart intercom use cases all over the world, with the largest project involving 50,000 apartments. Despite a complete line-up of diverse products and services, Akuvox is continuously pursuing the next great product by exploring the latest technologies. It spent almost 14% of its annual revenue on R & D in 2019 and launched six new products this year alone. As commented by Michael Yuan, the CEO of Akuvox, “We always think about how we can improve people’s living. And we want the brand to create more value for you, our partners. It’s endless.” 

Yang Bo, Sales Director, Akuvox

Akuvox launched one of the new products at the summit. The new flagship door phone, X916, introduced by CEO Michael Yuan, is a combination of art, design and technology. Its core features include 13” touch screen, Android 9.0, starlight camera, LTE support, QR code scanner and face recognition with machine learning capability. Aligned with the wireless, mobility and smartization market trends, it is one of the most powerful and smartest Android door phones in the industry. 

Michael Yuan, CEO, Akuvox

Akuvox also addressed the technology trend of mobile app-driven intercom access by launching Smart-Intercom-as-a-Service to its partner base during the event. Cloud-powered and subscription-based, it transforms the traditional hardware selling, and is fit for any type of buildings, new, refurbished and old ones. The new business model will open up more opportunities for Akuvox’s partners by boosting quicker sales and generating long-term recurring revenue.

Aaron Huang, Technical Manager, Akuvox

To unlock the huge potential of the global video intercom market with its partners, which, according to Grand View Research, is valued at USD 17.82 billion in 2018 and expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2019 to 2025, Akuvox updated its partner strategy and introduced the Certified Akuvox Partner program, the CAP program. Designed with value-added resellers, SIs, installers in mind, it is aimed at delivering the revenue incentives, support, and tools that Akuvox’s partners need to let the channels move faster and achieve leadership in the smart intercom market. 

Jennifer Cai, Brand Director, Akuvox

The summit came to a climax with the Akuvox Partner of the Year Award ceremony and a guest speech from one of the award winners. The award was designed to recognize superior business practices, innovative processes and results-oriented programs of partners. Dr. Celal Esli, the CEO of Modüler Otomasyon, expressed his strong confidence in Akuvox and detailed Modüler’s best practices in expanding the smart intercom business in the local market. There are lots of takeaways from Dr. Celal’s speech. 

Celal Esli, CEO, Modüler

Akuvox emphasizes the importance of growing and prospering with its partners. The Akuvox Global Partner Summit 2019 combined inspiration, insights, technology, and networking for a fantastic experience that powers future business success. As Akuvox’s Sales Director, Yang Bo, said: “Akuvox is determined to get its partners to be successful, which is the only measure to evaluate Akuvox’s success.”