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Akuvox Smart Intercom Now Integrates Network Optix Witness VMS

Apr 01.2021

Xiamen, China, April 1, 2021-Akuvox, the global leading provider of smart intercom products and solutions, announces that its smart intercom is now compatible with Network Optix's Witness VMS, a cross-platform IP video management system designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras.


Akuvox's smart intercoms can now be discovered by the Network Optix (Nx) Integrations Marketplace ecosystem of tech partners and end-users, which means more business opportunities for Akuvox's distributors, system integrators, and installers. The integration of Akuvox's smart door phones with the Nx Witness VMS also makes it easy for Network Optix' distributors, tech partners, and system integrators to add tech-forward building entry features like face recognition to IP video systems for a wide range of applications, such as residential buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, and industrial plants.


"Our partnership with Network Optix and the integration of our smart building intercom systems within their Witness platform is a continuation of our focus on smart intercom technology that can connect with various 3rd-party systems to bring both security and convenience to users," said Sonia Zhang, Akuvox's Manager of Business Development.


The seamless integration allows users to leverage the strengths of both systems. The successful integration helps building operators or property managers improve property security by remotely monitoring entrances, visually verifying visitors' identities, and opening doors via Akuvox's smart door phones in the Nx Witness. They can also enhance the management efficiency by controlling various building systems from one unified interface and build a better situational awareness with instant notifications from the Nx Witness.


The combined solution of Akuvox's smart intercom systems and Network Optix's Witness VMS delivers compelling values to customers of both companies by offering a smart integrated building security solution that fits a wide variety of industries and application scenarios.


About Network Optix

Founded in August 2010 with a global sales and support presence, Network Optix is a software company focused on IP video. The company is dedicated to creating a better way to discover, view, and manage IP cameras with instantly usable, open and extensible, and simple-to-use software. 


About Akuvox

Akuvox is a global leading provider of smart intercom and access control products and solutions. The company is committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security, and more convenience. Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, Cloud, Security and other advanced technologies, it continuously drives breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively delivers an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom products and solutions.


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