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Broadsoft Broadworks

Broadsoft is a well-known global communication software and service provider with over 70 deployments 

worldwide supporting millions of subscribers. 

Akuvox’s IP phones are deeply integrated and fully compatible with the Broadworks platform, which 

provides rich-feature communication and high-level collaboration. Its UC-One capability empowers service 

providers in solving the unique challenges of diverse vertical markets, such as hospitality industry, education 

sector and government department. Such a powerful phone will lead to increased productivity, improved 

customer satisfaction and reduced costs for businesses.


  • Improve productivity, efficiency and customer service.

  • Communication being done in instances eliminates the complexity and redundancy of PBX, hence

    reducing costs.

  • The improved employee availability and responsiveness, whether they are an account manager, a

    technical specialist or a call center agent, result in higher customer satisfaction.

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