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Single-family Home

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Akuvox smart intercom solution for single-family homes combines whole-home communication, great mobility, home comfort, easy deployment and management with home security. The stylish and compact design of intercom hardware also adds a smart touch to the buildings.


Intercom for Residents and Property Personnel

Akuvox smart intercom solution features one-button IP video door phone, 10-inch smart indoor touch and user-friendly mobile intercom app for residents, and Android video IP phone and community-wide intercom management system for property personnel, if there is any. 


Easy Integration

It is noteworthy Akuvox intercom is very easy to integrate with other digital systems. The SIP door station can be connected with external access control system for garage. And the Android indoor touch not only offers interface for consolidating diverse alarm sensors in and around home, but also is possible to function as a control panel for home automation.


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