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Multi-family Dwelling

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Akuvox’s one-stop smart intercom solution for multi-family dwellings, such as apartments or condominiums, offers multi-layered security from building entrance to home interior, and convenience and comfort of living with community-wide communication and smart home integration.


Boundless Communications

All intercoms either communicate via P2P connection or through SIP servers, which enable more features, such as call forward. Residents are able to conduct communications from room to room, apartment to apartment, apartment to entrance and apartment to mobile app.

Apartment to mobile app


Diverse Features

Each product performs multiple functions in this integral system. For example, on top of communicating with door phones and remote door unlocking, the Android indoor monitor brings about greater home security by direct wiring with various alarm sensors and also doubles as a smart home panel. And the smart door intercom at the lobby entrance is capable of integrating with external digital systems, such as 3rd-party IP cameras and lift control.   

Easy integration of alarm sensors

Hassle-free Management

With Akuvox’s all-in-one intercom management software, running and operating a large intercom system is no longer a pain in the neck. It takes care of all the routines, such as mass configuration, personnel registration and firmware upgrade, which are carried out remotely from desktop. 

Simplified central management software


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