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Akuvox R29F Smart Intercom

Akuvox R29F Smart Intercom

Smart, innovative Android video intercom for intelligent lifestyle

R29F is Akuvox’s upcoming new version of Android entry touch panel. Standing out for its discreet elegance, 

elaborate technological convergence, compelling capability of customization and utmost simplicity of usage, 

it is the preferred choice for modern residential complexes and high-end office buildings.

Key features and improvements elevate product performance. 

Key features:

  • Android OS 5.1.1

  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen

  • Supporting PoE

  • ONVIF compliance

  • SIP-based communication

  • Facial recognition access 

Major improvements on the old version:



Android intercom generates more added values.


Versatile feature customization

  • Customizable UI

  • 3rd-party apps installation

  • SDK and API available for app development

Easy integration of further security systems

  • ONVIF protocol compatible with CCTV system

  • SIP-based communication integratable with SIP phone

  • Rich interface for consolidating various security systems

Remote operation

  • On-premise and cloud-based management systems enable operation on off-site PC

Reduced TCO

  • Using smart phone or existing SIP phone as answering units

  • Minimal training as SIP message is clear text

  • Reduced maintenance cost with remote troubleshooting and auto provisioning

Smart intercom helps craft an intelligent lifestyle.


Stylish industrial design 

  • Stylish and slim design adds a smart taste to buildings

Superb user experience

  • Easy-to-navigate UI with customizable screen saver and background display

  • Searching contact list or building directory by number or by name

  • Multiple access methods, from the traditional access card to the latest facial recognition

Embracing cutting-edge technology

  • Facial recognition

  • NFC (Near-field communication)

  • More coming

Immense convenience

  • Remote visitor management and real-time entrance monitoring via Akuvox’s mobile app

Flexible installation is suitable for more sites and environments.


Both surface or flush mounting available

Horizontal installation with camera rotatable by 90/270 degrees

Super low operating temperature: -40 ̊C (-40 ̊F)