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SmartPlus Intercom App

● Diverse Services in Users’ Pocket
● Friendly and Approachable Technology
● Stringent Protection of User Privacy

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SmartPlus is Akuvox’s mobile intercom app that works with Akuvox Cloud. With this smart intercom app, users can realize anywhere intercom via the smartphones they carry around every day.

Remote Intercom System

The app consolidates diverse features and offers no-brainer operations. It enhances users’ situational awareness of what’s going on at the entrance of their estates and nipping harm, such as fire and gas leak in home, in the bud.

Diverse Services in Users’ Pocket

Video preview and live view
Smartphone Intercom

Video calls with and door opening for visitors
Video Intercom with Mobile App

Off-line alarm push notification
Home Automation Intercom

Friendly and Approachable Technology

Intuitive Smartphone Intercom

Stringent Protection of User Privacy

● Users' authorization first before using or analyzing user data

● Sensitive data solely accessible by user

● Strictly-restricted permission to access user data

● Full-on internal supervisory mechanism

Time now to move up to the cloud!

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