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Akuvox Cloud

● Multiple Login Roles with Different Privileges
● All-in-one Management
● Reduced TCO
● Immense Security

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Akuvox smart cloud-based intercom consists of Akuvox intercom hardware, Akuvox mobile intercom app-SmartPlus, and cloud-based management portals- Akuvox Cloud.

Akuvox Cloud is a fresh breeze to various parties involved in intercom system management. It streamlines the process ranging from intercom system setup to day-to-day operation and maintenance. All service can be done remotely, such as adding new mobile app users and creating temporary keys for door access. 

Multiple Login Roles with Different Privileges 

All-in-one Management

Reduced TCO  

   Built-in SIP server, bypassing the need for on-premise devices 

   Akuvox offer 24/7 professional administration services

   Lower operational costs from remote provisioning and maintenance


Immense Security

Data Transmission
 We adopt advanced techniques to secure communication channels, remote accessing and all pages of the cloud portal.

Data Storage
Both system data and user data are securely stored, guaranteeing their availability and enabling quick recovery in the event of attacks.

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