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Akuvox Smart Intercom Creates New Value for Smart Home!

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During CEDIA this September, Akuvox presented the new value its smart intercom can generate for the smart home space through the integration of both systems.

Simplicity Breeds Convenience.

Homeowners can enjoy both intercom features and smart home control with Akuvox Android indoor monitor thanks to its openness to 3rd-party applications like home automation apps. Imagine the ease brought by this consolidation! With only one panel to deal with, it facilitates the deployment process of installers and simplify the day-to-day life of end users. 

Smart Gets Smarter!

The facial recognition access of Akuvox SIP door intercom and the Alexa integration by its Android indoor monitor add a smarter touch to home automation systems. They can be of great practical help to multiple types of households. For example, people who have limited mobility can use their voices to make lifesaving calls in times of emergency. Smart is the new rule! 

More Connectivity Options

Akuvox smart indoor monitor offers more options of connecting the diverse sensors in a home automation project. It includes both direct wiring via its eight I/O ports and wireless communication via Bluetooth or optional RF modules. This helps home automation providers cater to varying project needs and application scenarios. Connectivity means productivity!

Smart intercom opens up a new door for extending the value complex of a home automation system. Home automation systems varies in terms of the service focus and the unique business model of each company. Akuvox encourages you to explore beyond these general themes and capitalize on the integration of smart intercom with smart home.