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Grow and Scale Your Intercom Business with Akuvox Cloud Intercom!

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Xiamen, November 15, 2018: Akuvox is proud to announce the official launch of its smart cloud intercom worldwide!

Akuvox smart cloud intercom is a cloud-based intercom service that enables people to access various intercom features from anywhere via a smart phone. Unlimited mobility, high-level flexibility and reduced TCO are the top benefits of the service.

Akuvox smart cloud intercom solution consists of Akuvox intercom hardware, Akuvox mobile intercom app - SmartPlus, and the cloud-based management portal - Akuvox Cloud.

Now let’s take a sneak peek at SmartPlus and Akuvox Cloud. 

SmartPlus offers residents a variety of services at the tap of a smart phone touchscreen, such as remote door unlocking, temporary keys creation and alarm notifications.

Akuvox Cloud is perfect for managing multiple sites in different locations. It features multiple login roles with different privileges, intuitive UIs and all-in-one management. All services like device configuration can be performed via a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Cloud technologies are touted to be the largest growth catalysts of the security industry. Akuvox converges the diverse needs of various stakeholders into an easy-to-use intercom app and all-in-one management portal. It is the perfect intercom platform to kick start a service-based business. 

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