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7 Key Features of Akuvox' s Upcoming 10-inch Indoor Monitor

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Hi, I am IT83, Akuvox's upcoming indoor touch.

They call me Smart Intercom, because I am and can be capable of many things.

Akuvox 10" Smart Indoor Monitor

I am 10", the Yao Ming in indoor monitor, but much prettier with 1280 x 800 resolution.

I am Android 6.0 in heart, the Marshmallow. Eat me! I am easy!

Android Intercom

I am best friends with SIP for over 12 years. Our communication is superb.

IP Video Intercom System

I have two powerful lungs, which in jargon are called full-frequency speaker, but simply means I sound loud and natural. 

Quality Audio and Video Intercom

I am both a good listener and an action taker.

Voice-controlled Indoor Monitor

I look gorgeous against various backgrounds. Beautiful as a flower on wall or gallant as a knight on desktop. 

In-home Video Intercom System

 I keep pushing the boundary, ambitious to integrate Wifi, facial recognition, BLE, emergency call pendant, etc. in the future. 

Smart Intercom with Easy Integration

I am so talented that I think I could outperform Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers. But I decided that being the guardian for your estates or your loved ones is a greater cause to pursue.

Smart Home Intercom

But for today, I hope I amuse you a little. Thank you! 

 Check out the specification of Akuvox IT83 Smart Indoor Monitor.