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How to Leverage Smart Door Phone for Building Automation

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Less is more in this increasingly "noisy" digital world, where countless devices are vying for attention. Akuvox, a leading solution provider of smart intercom, helps reduce the "noise" with its R29S. An Android door phone with simple and straightforward design, it empowers customers in utilizing it as a focal point for building automation.


Versatile feature customization

We have talked a few times about personalized UI that meets the user habit of local people, but this just scratches the surface. In the case of commercial buildings, R29S can be further developed to streamline staff/visitor management with SDK and API readily available. 

It can be exploited as a convenient HR tool for recording and monitoring staff attendance.
Assigning access level based on time, place and identity to control the people flow and protect sensitive areas.


Easy integration of building systems

Disparate systems including elevator controller, light sensor, IP camera and alarm, can be integrated to the door phone through its rich interface, which is much easier accomplish on an Akuvox-tuned Android OS than others.The result is a bunch of two-way triggers & actions between these devices and the door phone.

For example, through light sensor integration, after an occupant swipes a card and gains access-trigger, the lobby light will automatically turn on for him or her-action. 

Remote operation

Akuvox’s management systems, both on-premise and cloud-based, enable the door phone operation on an off-site PC. With various systems connected in one platform, building managers will gain a stronger awareness of what is going on outside, inside and around buildings and make decisions faster in times of emergency.


Do more with less. Akuvox’s smart R29S can greatly help building manager optimize security measures and take the edge off management stress by virtue of its compelling capability of customization and integration.
So, discover building needs and tap into the full potential of R29S!