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How to Capitalize on Intercom-as-a-Service?

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"Soon it will be everything as a service". 

Consolidating top-notch security features, outstanding user experience and streamlined management at lower TCO, Akuvox’s smart cloud intercom is here to drive up your growth curve.

Diverse Services in Users’ Pocket

It offers a broad scope of services, and is easy to scale further, such as the upcoming integration of home automation and AI technology. All are easily accessedanywhere, anytime on Akuvox SmartPlus app.


Friendly and Approachable Technology

SmartPlus and the cloud portal feature clean layouts and easy-to-understand functions. Both require no configuration by end users and little training to master the usage.

Intuitive UI

All-in-one Management Portal

Hierarchical Management Platform

Management roles are assigned hierarchical access privileges. For example, an installer is able to manage all its users and devices, whilst a distributor can monitor the status of those under all its installers.

Lower TCO

Built-in SIP server, bypassing the need for on-premise devices

Akuvox offer 24/7 professional administration services

Lower operational costs from remote provisioning and maintenance

Feel tempted? Why not contact us for a free trial and ride the cloud with us!