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Unveil 3 Biggest Intercom Trends through Recent Security Trade Shows

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Spearheading the intercom sector with cutting-edge technologies and unique applications, Akuvox earned the spotlight at four recent security trade shows. The excitement surrounding Akuvox’s booths included cloud intercom solutions, smart home integration and the use of artificial intelligence.

Over 80% of Akuvox’s visitors inquired about its cloud intercom solution. This indicated that it’s the prime time for the industry to adopt cloud for stellar user experience and additional revenue streams. Unlike its competitors, Akuvox offers more flexible solutions which better align with diverse requirements of different countries and regions. 

Though rooted in security and communication, Akuvox also received much attention from smart home professionals. Harnessing the power of Android via a decade’s R & D, Akuvox provides an easy solution for converging intercom with home automation. Its Android indoor monitor runs smart home apps like Zipato, Fibaro, iRidium and Control4 without a glitch.

Moreover, the AI-enabled door phone, R29S, definitely caused a stir. Visitors flocked to the booths to try out its facial recognition feature. A disruptor, Akuvox is among the world’s firsts to introduce AI into intercoms. By continuously optimizing the algorithm since then, R29S is now able to carry out split-second verifications with high accuracy.

A home base of deep innovation legacy, bright technical minds and strong service awareness, Akuvox is well-positioned to increase the value not only for homes and buildings, but also for its partners.