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1st Indoor Monitor with Built-in SIP-PBX

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What connectivity methods pop up in your mind when you are deploying an intercom project for multi-bedroom homes or small offices? On-premise PBX, hosted server or peer-to-peer connection?

How about indoor-monitor-as-a-SIP-PBX?

Akuvox, a leading smart intercom innovator, recently built the PBX capability into its IT83 Android indoor monitor. This innovative move enables the indoor station to function as not only an intercom, but also a SIP server that outshines other PBX options in many ways.

Instant On-device Management

Little-to-none Maintenance & 1-tap Upgrade

Multiple & Scalable Call Features

Feel intrigued? The beta software is now available for testing and Akuvox will invite a certain number of applicants into the beta-testing pool.


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact your Akuvox sales representative!