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Akuvox 2017 Annual Meeting: Witnessing the Company Evolution

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Xiamen China, January 23, 2018: “In 2017, our team spent a total of 4, 824.3 hours in fulfilling customers' requirements…”, “we waded through streams and climbed over high mountains…”, “Akuvox is quite different from my previous company. People are much much more approachable and energetic…”.


Each Akuvox annual general meeting is like a grand TED Talks. Wisdom, insight and humor flow between the lines of the speakers. This year, twelve team leaders feasted the eyes and ears of the staff on well-informed work reports and audience-friendly presentations, with the meeting climaxing in President, Owen WEI’s and CEO, Michael YUAN’s inspiring speeches on what the company has come along so far and what yet to accomplish for the next three years. 


In 2017, Akuvox doubled its scale compared to 2016, both in terms of the sales and the staff. It also established itself as a leading smart intercom brand and a front runner in several vertical markets. Moving forward, it will continue to pursue the best audio and video quality and compelling customization capability for its smart intercom products and solutions, and to integrate more AI technologies into them, all with a view to providing ongoing protection and maximum convenience to people around the world.



Above all, the annual meeting and year-end party is a great way to, as in the President, Owen and the CEO, Michael’s words, extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all Akuvoxers for their hard work and to the beloved family at their back!