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The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind.

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It’s the time of the year for Akuvox’s mid-year meeting! Like the lyric, Akuvox also posed itself a series of questions about accomplishment, entanglement and commitment. The answer, my friend, is not intangible as the wind, but lies solidly in Akuvox’s core values of innovation, quality and service.


Akuvox rolled out multiple new smart intercom hardware and software in the first half of the year, particularly its 10-inch smart indoor touch with cutting-edge voice control and superb visual display, and anywhere cloud-based intercom catering to the needs of single-family residence and apartments where property service is not available. Akuvox realized impeccable quality in many aspects of its business operation. And Akuvox collaborated closely with its partners to spread knowledge, practice and acumen about SIP intercom and smart intercom with well-prepared online to offline trainings. 

Akuvox definitely trekked some trails, but “when all is said and done, the road leads back to how we can better serve our customers and users and continue to push forward the company’s evolvement as a whole”, as in the CEO, Michael Yuan’s words. In the second half of the year, Akuvox will invest more in technology and people, perfecting audio & video quality, converging new techs in intercom and relentlessly pursuing perfect quality and service.


If you ask, how many more roads must Akuvox walks down before it calls itself a valuable brand? The answer, my friend, is never-ending.