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Akuvox Smart Intercom Integrates with iRidium pro Automation App

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Akuvox, a leading innovator in smart intercom solution for residential and commercial buildings, is pleased to announce the integration of its SIP intercom models including R29S smart door intercom, IT82R smart indoor monitor and E21V emergency intercom station with iRidium pro, a powerful and ingenious software package for markets of residential and commercial automation. The integration allows users to control Akuvox intercom devices from the iRidium pro app called i3 pro.


With Akuvox’s Broadsoft-certified SIP intercoms and iRidium pro’s compelling competence to integrate everything in one system, it only takes a few simple steps to set up the Akuvox models to work with iRidium pro via SIP and iRidium cloud. After the set-up by professional integrators, when users start i3 pro app on their mobile devices or Akuvox IT82R smart indoor monitor, they can have access to both diverse automation features and rich video intercom functions, including talking with visitors, unlocking doors, and checking live videos from the door phone camera.


Akuvox is an industry leader in open platform intercom systems, boasting of 12-year experience in SIP and 8 years in Android R & D. Being easy to integrate or to be integrated by external systems is one of the prominent characteristics of Akuvox smart intercom. Android-based intercoms give excellent openness to 3rd-party applications, whilst SIP-based products can be easily integrated into a phone system. Akuvox also makes SDK and API readily available for customization. Complete customer satisfaction and top-notch user experience are the ultimate results of this immense openness.


iRidium equips professional installers and integrators with its powerful and ingenious software package that enables them to handle any automation requirements from small projects to complicated large-scale ones, from home automation to commercial automation.


For technical information about the interoperability set-up, please check this manual:


About Akuvox

AKUVOX (XIAMEN) NETWORKS CO., LTD. is a leading innovator in smart intercom solution for residential and commercial buildings. By converging vast fields of technologies, Akuvox have developed full-range intercom hardware and software for oversea mid-to-high end markets. Akuvox’s mission is to deliver better communication and greater security, driven by which it has been investing heavily in R&D annually and continuously fostering software and hardware development capability. And its world-class manufacturing facility ensures the on-time delivery of quality products to its customers.


About iRidium

iRidium mobile Ltd. is a company which develops software package for markets of Residential and Commercial Automation. iRidium software package enables to control ANY equipment (engineer communications, security, Audio-Video) in ONE project from ANY device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows) using Any graphic interface created with the help of the most contemporary visualization tools. iRidium enables combining control of the most popular systems of Automation Market, any Audio-Video equipment, media servers and creating complex scenarios in one visualization project.