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All-Android Intercom Solution Ensures Smart Living Environment

Mono-function, highly-siloed and user-daunting are the status quo of most residential intercom solutions. This 

lack of vitality is not only out of place with the accelerating trend of intelligentization across the society, but 

also stifling the further expansion of the industry. However, as a leader in Android intercom solution, Akuvox 

makes all the difference via generating unprecedented user experience.

Here we will show you how it is like through a recent residential project.


The project involved a new residential community in Europe. Smart solutions and devices were attached great 

importance in the project requirement.The solution was expected to incorporate intercom, home automation 

and phone system, and the whole package of functions should be easily accessible to the resident.

Solutions & Benefits

Akuvox’s all-Android intercom solution included indoor monitor-IT82, video door phone-R29 and video guard 


These easy-to-navigate terminals delivered best-in-class SIP communication, with minimal 40 

milliseconds' audio/video delay. And their optimized Android OS along with APIs greatly facilitated 

the customization by 3rd-party developers.

As a result, the solution is a win-win-win situation for the system integrator, the residents and 

the property staff. 


Unique Application Scenarios

201710201508462462830598.pngSearching Name on Video Door Phone. Visitors could search 

names from the contact entries loaded into R29, whose user-friendly 

interface required little to no training and offered instinctive operation 

even to the elderly and children. Adding brilliance to the search 

experience, the big-size touch screen could display more names 

and its customized background picture was welcoming and pleasing.


Home Automation. IT82 was easily exploited as a control panel for 

smart home devices, such as in-home security sensors, smart lighting 

and smart metering, as well as for monitoring community-wide IP 

cameras through a consolidated app. In addition, a complete phone 

book meeting the residents' daily contact need was built into it, 

which linked them closely to their family members, neighbors and 

friends through audio or video calls.To the resident’s great convenience, 

all these tailored software or systems were upgraded on IT82 as if upgrading apps on their smart 

phone, and residents could choose to install more useful apps pushed to them by the property 

management company.


Integration with Phone System. Incorporating phones installed in 

commercial entities surrounding the community and the property 

management office, residents obtained various services simply through 

indoor monitor, for example making a booking with gyms. In particular, 

the video phone was a powerful tool to the community guards.They 

used it to confirm visitors’ identity with residents, grant access, push 

messages onto indoor monitors, access live video footage of CCTV 

cameras in the community and act on alerts issued by indoor monitors.


Why Akuvox

Akuvox is a front runner in Android intercom solutions, which has been investing heavily in SIP 

and Android R&D for long. By leveraging the synergy of both fields in intercom, it is one of the 

few intercom suppliers that offer market-proven and industry-leading Android solutions, which are 

marked by stable system and compelling capability of customization.