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Android Indoor Monitor Makes Telecare Smart


Nowadays, the telecare sector still relies heavily on traditional systems or even analog systems, which lags behind 

the proliferation of smart technology in other sectors. Akuvox with its blockbuster indoor monitor is tipping 

the UK telecare sector towards more humane, proactive and intelligent care through a project involving half a 

million old people living in thousands of elderly homes.

Customer’s Concerns

Our customer, a key telecare service provider in the UK, sought to transform its traditional telecare system to

address two crucial problems: long response time to emergency call and limited extensibility in functionality, 

which will hamper the ramping up of its telecare service.

Solutions & Benefits

Akuvox’s indoor monitor IT82, which enjoys compelling SIP and Android competence, was the silver lining to 

the customer. It not only delivered stellar user experience to the elderly, but also improved their service 

quality in many ways.

Excellent SIP Compatibility. Surpassing traditional or non-SIP systems, IT82 set off emergency calls in 

seconds, which is a critical life-saving feature. Moreover, it enabled smooth and HD audio & video 

communication, which enjoyed <50 milliseconds audio delay. 

In-depth Android OS Customization. Its expertly-tuned Android OS was easy for consolidating all 

kinds of routine service via apps, such as paying bills and booking repair appointments, which 

boosted the amenity of elders’ living and mitigated the risk of accident from their running errands 

from place to place. In contrast, the original non-Android panel was limited in feature, and it was 

also difficult to introduce new functions.


Simple Deployment and Management. It is also noteworthy that whether it was configuration, 

firmware upgrading or software updating, they were efficiently carried out in bulk by auto-

provisioning or via Akuvox management software.

Major Application Scenarios

The ‘Contact List’ app allows the seniors to easily make hands-free audio or video calls to the

monitoring center, family, friends as well as neighbors. It is a convenient way for them to be 

together with people more and acquire a sense of belonging and intimacy.

Alarm activation is easy, prompt and guaranteed. If elders feel unwell or have a fall, they simply 

pull the cord connected to IT82, and a call for help is immediately dialed out. Also, connected 

with various sensors, such as door magnet, smoke detector and infrared sensor, IT82 will emit 

alarm sirens in case of hazards to urge the resident to take preventative action, whilst 

automatically issuing an alert to the service center.

The built-in camera of IT82 is a boon to the carers. They are able to see the condition of the 

elderly and the emergency scene during the call, and guide them to take preliminary self-help. 

In addition, the live camera feed from the rooms of bedridden elders enables remote 

monitoring in real time.

Why Akuvox

Akuvox is a pioneer in SIP and Android-based intercom solutions. Drawing on our 12-year SIP 

experience and almost 10-year Android competence, IT82 is one of the few massively-deployed 

Android indoor monitors worldwide. It not only delivers stable system, but also possesses 

exceptional capability of deep customization.