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Ingenious Intercom Solution for Smart Township


The benchmark smart township project, which we landed in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, sets the 

standard of intercom solution for modern residence. 

Project Background

The smart township houses around 10,000 apartments. Our client intends to equip the township with an 

easily-managed and inter-connected intercom system vertically and horizontally, which satisfies both security 

and communication needs of the resident. 

Highlight of Akuvox Intercom Solution

Our wide spectrum of Android-based intercom terminals can be easily integrated into a whole system that 

covers every ‘security checkpoint’ of the township. 



Our compelling software capability makes it possible for the system to meet wide communication and security 

needs in daily life, ranging from smoke alert notification from a small indoor unit to accessing surveillance 

video of large public spaces.


A Glimpse of Akuvox Intercom Family

Akuvox Intercom Family is Android-based, which is easy to operate. Its strong scalability enables users to 

conveniently incorporate new applications through IP network as people’s living standard improves. Also, 

the chic outlook of our products is eye-pleasing.