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We Help UC Providers Win the Market


With our intelligent, Android-based and large-screen video phone, Akuvox has helped emerging UC solution 

providers win over numerous major accounts from traditional UC solution providers. Together, we set 

foot in vast sectors, trade, finance, health care, manufacturing, public sector, etc. Today, we will walk you 

through our story with one of the leading banking brands in the world. 

Project background

The bank aimed to integrate and streamline its existing communication tools so as to optimize its internal 

communication and collaboration and reduce its operational costs. Our smart desktop video phone lied 

at the core of the UC solution.

Android-based, large-screen video phone, a must-have for UC

Major business communication services are put together at employees’ disposal, including audio/video 

call, video conference and instant messaging, all simply through the 7-inch large touch screen. As the 

business continues to expand, the Android-based device is set ready for installing a variety of 

communication applications.