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The 50th Stem Cell Donor from Akuvox

Shaowei Chen, known as Will by Akuvox customers and the CTO of Akuvox, donated his hematopoietic stem cell to 

his female peers recently, which made him the 50th stem cell donor in Xiamen City, China. Because of his kind and 

noble deed, he received the Best Love Award from our CEO, Mr. Wei, at Akuvox year-end party for 2015.

A recap of his noble deed: earlier when Will learned about the significance of hematopoietic stem cell donation, 

he went for registration with Chinese Marrow Donor Program. In Aug. 2015, he began preparing for his donation 

to a leukemia patient by getting rid of old habits and keeping himself in the best donation condition.

Will believes that people hold goodwill will be rewarded fruitfully. Through his brave move, more and more people 

will join the program to help others.