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Zipato Turkey and Akuvox Joined Hands in Successfully Holding Seminar

Mar 13.2018

Zipato Turkey, Akuvox’s Turkish partner, successfully concluded its seminar on Akuvox’s smart intercom products and solutions. There was quite a turnout for the meeting. Almost 50 home automation resellers and integrators from all over Turkey gathered for this great opportunity to learn more about Akuvox.

The topics covered in the one-day seminar included introducing Akuvox and its unique perspectives on intercom technology and the trend of the industry, overview of Akuvox’s intercom systems and products, advantages of IP intercom over traditional analog intercom and Akuvox’ intercom software, such as its latest cloud-based mobile intercom solution.

The speakers presented these information and knowledge in a lively way and created great meeting dynamics where everyone involved in heated discussions. During the product demo and trial session in between, attendees gave kudos to Akuvox for the excellent SIP communication quality and easy for integration of its smart intercom.

Zipato is a global leader in home control and automation. It offers an interactive IoT and smart home platform based on cloud technology, which has been deployed in 90+ countries in +20, 000 households by now. Akuvox, a front runner in smart intercom, completes Zipato’s smart home solution by bringing in intercommunication, access control, ease to integrate or be integrated by other systems and advanced AI features in the near future.