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Smart Desktop Phone for Elders

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Worrying about your elders at home? Loneliness, poor health and boredom are some of the problems facing our beloved elderly. Akuvox is proud to make a difference to the situation with our state-of-the-art R48G android video phone.


Project Idea

The aim of our partner is to design a value-added communication solution for promoting the wellbeing of the beloved elderly at home. The system integrates the following benefits into one. The ultimate goal-helping the senior age with love, care, security and fun.

Akuvox R48G Shines out in Multiple Ways

The handset and the button-type keypad are a familiar look to the old generation. For those with hearing impairment, a speech-to-text function can be introduced for unimpeded telecommunication.

Younger generations of the household can access the phone via smart phone or tablet and from anywhere in the country.

In the event of emergency, a SOS call can AAbe immediately sent out with one simple press on the pendant that the elder wear on their necks.

Its unique HDMI port and strong capability for customization enables our client to design an application onto R48G, which triggers the TV to turn on and automatically starts broadcasting messages.

About Akuvox R48G Android Video Phone

Akuvox R48G is an Android-based multimedia terminal that offers excellent user experience, including high-quality video communication, smooth internet surfing, various Android Apps, daily information sharing and beyond.