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Advanced Doorphone Guards Copenhagen City Hall

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Our cutting-edge video door phone, R29, became part of the scenery of Copenhagen City Hall, and it guards this ancient building attentively.


Project Requirements

Great emphasis was given to catching the vibe of modern entry control technology and making use of the current IP infrastructure.


Solution & Benefits

R29 is based on SIP protocol, the universal IP communication standard. Simply with the existing internet connection, it was conveniently installed, saving much upfront investment.


Stringent site security is also within arm’s reach. The clear and wide field of vision allows officers to confirm visitors’ identity in sound and in image before granting access. Seeing is believing.   


>Video door phone enables real-time surveillance of the front door from the office.

>SIP-based communication integrates seamlessly with the IP surveillance system in place.

>Android-based OS is an investment in the future, ready to embrace any innovative apps.

>The device is managed remotely via our web-based software, e.g. auto-provisioning.


If you happen to travel there these days, please peep at the gate for us. ^ ^