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Your Grand Villa Deserves A Luxury Door Phone

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Akuvox intercom family has boosted the brand image of an upmarket villa developer. How? Simply by our fashionable, versatile video door phone that pairs perfectly with the brand’s positioning.

Project background

The project goal was to equip 2012 new villas with video intercom systems. The property developer attached great importance to keeping with the luxury styling and optimizing the user experience.

R26C lets villas beam with grandeur and taste from the outset

It is almost a common sense that details matter. For an extravagant villa, the door phone is the first and foremost detail to appear before a visitor. Our chic, upmarket R26C lets your house reek of distinction and superiority from the outset-a status symbol that you cannot afford to neglect.

You NEVER get a second chance to make a FIRST impression!

R26C is a perfect combination of FORM and FUNCTION. 

Its sublime and sleek outlook is an eye-catcher.

The high-resolution and wide-angle camera coupled with the built-in motion detection technique

    spares no details at your front door.

The two-way audio communication over IP networks with Echo Cancel features lets you confirm

    visitors’ identities in person and greet them before the door entry.  

You can answer your door from ANYWHERE!

Akuvox R26C matches your social status and elevates your taste.